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Negombo's longest standing Pub. It'll be your first and your last stop!!!

Great Food! Quality Cocktails and friendliest staff in town make this pub a must go to destination on Negombo beach-strip. We invite you to lose your inhibitations. Jig to the tunes of our inhouse DJ and enjoy all that is Rodeo..


The Rodeo pub was established by Janaka in 1996 and welcomes a varied and regular crowd of locals, tourists and expats. Long, locally hand crafted benches at the front of the bar mean that guests can mingle, make new friends and enjoy a guaranteed and memorable great night out.

The philosophy at Rodeo is to keep it simple. Good food, good drink and a good time...

Toasted cashews
Toasted cashews with curry leaves. A popular Rodeo classic and perfect for a light snack .
Tequilla Slammers
For those in a party mood, why not indulge in one or two?!
One of Rodeo’s most popular cocktails made with white rum, sour mix, lime and sugar.
Served with fresh tropical fruit and ice cream – what’s not to like?!


Smirnoff/Red Bull Bucket promotion
1 x Smirnoff bottle for 5,000rs

(normal price 8,000)
6 x red bull in a bucket. Each can 400rs (normal price 450)
Total Offer price 7400 rs

SAVE 3,300rs


    Fantastic food, and great service. We ended up eating here twice as the food was excellent and the service was always simple and efficient.